20 November 2014

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer Review: It Works!

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer Review

Primers are a beauty product that I just don’t find exciting. I have a whole drawer full, and I really only like the Smashbox offerings, and these ones by Clinique – though even then, I don’t wear them everyday. 

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer Review

But when Lorraine gave it the thumbs up in this post on the best multi-taskers, I knew I wanted in on the Max Factor priming action. And so I’ve been trialling it, on and off, for a couple of months, and y’know what? I’m quietly impressed. Let’s do this bullet-point style: 
  • First up, there’s a pump. Who doesn’t love a pump? Hygienic, easy to use, dispenses the right amount of product. Great. 
  • Then there’s the SPF 20, so this really does two jobs in one – especially in winter. In summer you’d want more protection. 
  • My foundations look nicer with this as a base; it makes things look a little more perfected.  
  • It’s slightly mattifying, which my tzone appreciates - but it won’t make your base look flat. 
  • While there’s silicone in the mix, you can’t feel it too much on your skin; it’s nice and lightweight. 
  • And most importantly - it prolongs the wear of my foundation. 
Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer Review

So yes, if you need or want a primer, I'd point you in this direction - and at €13.99, the price is also right. While it's still not an everyday essential for me, with the silly season coming up, I can definitely see it coming in handy.

What's your go-to primer?

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