10 November 2014

Chanel Collection les Rouges Culte, On Counter Now

Chanel Collection les Rouges Culte Le Vernis Nail Polish

Come on, who doesn't want to get their hands on a vintage Chanel? And here's your chance - or, at least, it's your chance to get some vintage Chanel on your hands! 

The French fashion and beauty house has raided its archives for this lovely mid-season beauty launch, Chanel Collection les Rouges Culte. Three retro shades from the 80s are making a return, for a limited time only.  

While they are all, obviously, varying shades of red, my fellow beauty junkies will appreciate that the three shades are actually very different: Rouge Flamboyant is a bright, cheery, warm toned  red that looks beautifully modern - despite first launching in 1980. Laque Rouge is a deeper, elegant red that is the most sophisticated of the three while Rouge No 19 is a pretty raspberry red that is probably the most wearable.

All three hit counters last week, priced at €23. Rouge Flamboyant is calling my name for the silly season - which of them is calling loudest to you? 

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