05 November 2014

Aussie Dry Shampoo Range Is Genuinely Aussome And Will Transform Limp Locks

I don't love dry shampoo because I can't be bothered washing my hair - well, not most of the time, anyway.  I love it because I want volume and a bit of root lift without heat styling - and because I'm mad for that piecey, textured effect that looks deliberate, as opposed to plain old  messy.

And yet my trials with this type of product have been well documented with too many of them leaving me feeling – and worse, my hair looking – flat.
Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

After these three disappointments I fled straight back to Batiste, and just put up with that dusty grey cast it gives my dark brown hair. But guess what? I never will again, because the Aussie offering is everything I ever wanted from a dry shampoo, and more.

So why do I like this stuff so much? Let’s count the ways:

ONE: Absolutely no white residue!! Zero. Zilch. Nada. Which also means no white marks and, as it doesn't mattify the hair, there's no real impact on colour or shine.

TWO: It’s weightless, so it doesn’t have that dry, rough powdery feel in your hair.

THREE: I am a sucker for the Aussie scent. Nuff said.

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

FOUR: There are three offerings in the range for all manner of hair woes:  the Mega Instant Shampoo for normal and greasy hair, Aussome Volume for limp locks and Colour Mate to help prolong the vibrancy of your dye job.

FIVE: They all do everything a good dry shampoo should (but so many don’t): eliminate greasy roots, add body and leave hair feeling fresh. The Aussome Volume one is my favourite because it gives a little more fullness, but I rate all three.

SIX: The price, while slightly more expensive than Batiste, is still very decent at just €6.49

SEVEN: There’s a teeny little travel version, €2.99, which is handy and cute; I know they’re not the best value, but miniature things make me smile.

Winner, winner chicken dinner! Go forth and stock up; you’ll find it here.

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