12 August 2014

Three Hair Products You Probably Don’t Need To Try

My hair is quite unruly: it’s fairly thick and dry, with a natural wave, a cow’s lick that defies a forehead-flattering fringe and a tendency to grow out from my head like a triangle. 

And, as long as it stubbornly refuses to do what I want it to (basically, look like Chezza’s on the cover of the new Stellar mag), I will continue to spend an inordinate amount of money on hair products.  

Boots Dry Shampoo Paradise Island Review

At the very least, I use a hair oil on the ends and some kind of volumising product on the roots, often adding a texturising product to give it a bit more movement, and a hairspray to keep that all in place. The end result is still, at best, dishevelled -  but since that’s several steps up from frizz-ball, I’ll take it. 

Dry shampoo is my poison of choice to add volume and texture, and refresh my hair between washes (now, doesn’t that sound nicer than soaking up the grease?!). I always have a can of Batiste to hand but I’m not mad on the white, powdery residue so that, plus my FOMO, keeps me trying and buying pretty much every new version I find.  

Toni & Guy Casual Rough Texturiser

ONE: Boots' Dry Shampoo in Paradise Island attracted me for two reasons: the tropical scent (I’m exceptionally fond of Batiste’s Coconut and Exotic Tropical), and the €2 offer price. Despite high hopes of discovering a budget beauty, this was a very ineffective product. It neither refreshed nor volumised my hair, but just made it feel limp, sad and weirdly, a little bit damp. 

TWO: This isn’t technically a dry shampoo, but Toni & Guy’s Casual Rough Texturiser promises root lift, ‘casual, dishevelled volume’ and a matte finish – which happens to be exactly what I look for from a dry shampoo. 

You use it in the same way too: spritz it in, wait a few seconds and rub it through your hair. I know you know this, but I want you to know I know it, too, lest you suspect I’m just somehow doing it wrong. 

Because the results? There were none! No volume, no texture, no nothing. And the cost for all this nothing was in and around a tenner, so I feel more than a little peeved. 

THREE: Mark Hill's Get Gorgeous! Quick Fix Dry Shampoo, €7.99, is probably the best of the three. There’s no powdery residue, and it does refresh my hair at the roots between washes.  However: that’s all it does. There’s no volume or texture, so if you’re not looking for these or you have fine, thin, dark hair, this could work well for you. On me though, it was another disappointment. I want MOAR!
Mark Hill Get Gorgeous! Quick Fix Dry Shampoo

So it’s back to Batiste for now– until I can steel myself to fork out for Oribe’s fabled Dry Texturising Spray. Unless you have a better suggestion?  In which case, PLEASE share in the comments! 

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