15 August 2014

The Dawson Spa Review: Voya Organic Illuminating Facial

The Dawson Spa Dublin Review

Rushing straight from a particularly hectic day at work, I arrived at the city-centre Dawson Spa feeling hot and bothered, after navigating rush-hour crowds.

All that melted away almost instantly, as I changed into my (generously proportioned) white fluffy robe and slippers, and took in my surroundings. 

The Dawson Spa Dublin Review

The spa is tucked away on the upper levels of The Dawson Hotel, formerly La Stampa. While it’s situated over two floors, the space is boutique, but beautifully appointed - and feels decidedly high-end. 

That carries through from the serene, Asian-inspired stone-and-wood d├ęcor to the level of service provided, and the quality of treatments, too.

Using the Irish brand Voya is another point in their favour: if you watched this video on my favourite Irish products, you’ll know I’m a fan of the range. 

Voya Products at The Dawson Spa

Every Voya product contains extracts from organic wild seaweed which is packed full of nourishing, skin-friendly ingredients. They also contain lots of lovely essential oils, which give the products a luxurious scent and feel. 

I was treated to the VOYA Organic Illuminating Facial, €80 for 40 minutes, which focuses on brightening and lifting the complexion. This would be an excellent treatment before a big event: it delivers on its promise, and is wonderfully relaxing, too. 

My one quibble? The advertised foot massage was perfunctory at best; less a massage, in fact, than a brief rub with a warm cloth. Which was perfectly nice, but not the same thing - and you know how I feel about foot rubs. 

Voya tea

What was wonderful, though, was the face massage, with the citrus-scented My Little Hero - this is described as a serum, but is really more like an oil (or a blend of oils, to be precise). 

Whatever it is, it smells and feels amazing, and combined with my therapist’s very obvious skills, made my face feel amazing, too. I am always surprised by how much tension we hold in the face,  and like nothing more than to feel it being kneaded away. This was delightful. (Read how to give yourself a face massage at home!)

Delightful, too, was lolling around on the giant cushioned bed in the relaxation room after, and sipping my herbal tea. I very nearly went for 40 winks, but I wanted to show off my wonderful, post-facial glow. 

I’ve signed up to the mailing list for the monthly special offers (you can do it here), and followed them on Twitter, too. This is one of the loveliest spas in Dublin's city-centre, and I'll definitely be back.  

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