30 July 2014

L'Occitane Vitória-Régia Day & Night Flower Eau de Cologne Reviews

L'Occitane Vitória-Régia Day & Night Flower Eau de Cologne

We’re all accustomed to L’Occitane's ingredients being sourced primarily from the South of France: the ‘En Provence’ in the name kinda gives it away. And hey, I ain’t complaining – from the fresh, lemony burst of verbena to the heady lavender, that region produces some of the most efficacious and aromatic botanical ingredients around.

But variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and on his recent travels to South America, the brand’s founder became enamoured all over again with a new and exotic landscape and its plants.

L'Occitane Vitória-Régia Night Flower Eau de Cologne

And so, a new brand was born: L’Occitane au Brésil, a limited edition range that launched this summer and includes fragrance, body and sun care products, each incorporating a specific Brazilian plant and being colourfully illustrated by local Brazilian artists.

These two scents are inspired by dual aspects of the same flower: Vitória Régia, a giant water lily with leaves that measure almost three metres in diameter. The plant lives for a single day, during which its perfume alters: discreet and fresh by day, when the petals are folded over; musky and intense at night, when the full force of its fragrance is released.

L'Occitane Vitória-Régia Day Flower Eau de Cologne

As you’d expect, the Vitória-Régia Night Flower Eau de Cologne is headier: there’s a powderiness, that gives way to a big, rich floral scent.  The day fragrance is brighter, lighter and has a green and citrusy kick: it is exactly what I want to wear in these muggy Dublin days.

Pop into your local L’Occitane store – there’s a handy store locator on the site – and give them a sniff, while they’re still around. They’re each priced at €45.50 for 300ml or 100ml for €35, and both are gorgeous: unique, interesting and the perfect examples of why L’Occitane has become one of my all-time favourite fragrance brands. 

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