25 July 2014

Dr Jackson's Natural Products: New Skincare Line Launches In Clerys

Dr Jackson's Natural Products now at Clerys

Dr Jackson's Natural Products is a niche skincare line that's been tricky to get hold of round these parts - it launched into Harvey Nicks in the UK in 2012, and Net-a-Porter also carries the line. Now, though, the brand has ventured to Ireland and can be found exclusively at Clerys - I caught up with the doctor himself, Simon Jackson, to find out what we've been missing.

Dr Jackson's No 1 Skin Cream

Dr Jackson's speciality is pharmacognosy -  the study of medicines derived from natural sources - and the range is a tight edit of four products (so far!), harnessing the best active botanicals he's encountered in his work worldwide.

These include the baobab -  known in Africa as the tree of life, and used on skin and hair for its moisturising properties - and kigelia, known as the sausage tree. Found in parts of Sub Saharan Africa, this is used by tribal women for blemishes, skin firming and to treat  skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Dr Jackson's Natural Products Face Oil

There are two new products on the way, but currently at Clerys you can find:

  • Dr Jackson’s No. 1 Skin Cream: great as a day cream, with SPF 20 and ingredients to fight blemishes and brighten the skin.  This is €94 for 50 ml or €48 for 30ml and comes in an amber bottle or a travel friendly screw-top jar. 
  • No. 2 Skin Cream: an ideal night cream, with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Priced as above. 
  • No. 3 Face Oil:   a blend of Baobab and Marula oil to moisturise, improve skin tone and boost elasticity, this also contains calendula flower extract for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and healing arnica  extract. This is €67 for 50ml or €36 for 25ml. 
  • No. 4 Coconut Melt: with 100% organic coconut oil, I've been using and loving this multi-tasking little balm daily; it works wonders on lips, nails and any other dry spots and, at €12, is easier on the pocket than the rest of the range.

Dr Jackson's Coconut Melt

What do you think, have you tried them, or do you fancy giving them a whirl?

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