01 July 2014

Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps Are My New Favourite Brush Cleansers; Here's Why

Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap Review

I have a theory that the more makeup brushes you have, the less you actually use – because most of them are waiting to be washed.

Using dirty brushes is not only bad for your skin (because, urgh, bacteria), but also gives a terrible finish -  the old colours and products swirl in with and mess up the new. But cleaning your brushes can be such a chore – not to mention a bit of a headwreck if you’re a tad OCD like me (is it REALLY clean?!?).

Dr Bronner's Lavender Shikaki Soap

The answer? A really effective brush cleanser – which is where Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap comes in.
Now, the label is nuts: with proclamations like “Teach the Moral ABC that unites all mankind free”, it’s evident that the soap’s creator was … eccentric, to say the least.  But, with a little knowledge of his history, I find it touching that his children - it’s still a family business – have left his teachings on the bottle.

And inside that bottle is some really, really great soap.  Certified fairtrade and organic, the range – which includes liquid soaps, bar soaps, shaving gels and more – is one of the most concentrated, yet pure, that you’ll encounter. The products are all glycerine-rich and packed with Vitamin E so they won’t dry out your body, hair or – crucially – your brushes.

Dr Bronner's Castile Green Tea Liquid Soap

There’s also a massive variety of scents -  like lavender, almond, tea tree oil, rose and the original peppermint – and the soaps boast more than 18 uses, from laundry to body care. I have two, which I use in just two ways – the lavender hand & body soap is my new favourite handwash, and the Hemp/Green Tea Castile soap is my new favourite way to clean my beauty tools.

I add a dab to the brush (you really don't need much), dip in a little water and swirl frantically round my hand, repeating as required till the brush is clean. This procedure used to result in dried out, wrinkly hands, splayed out brushes and a death-wish  - but since using Dr Bronner’s, it takes less time and energy to get my shizzle done.

I’ve yet to encounter it in Ireland – mine came from here – but if you spot it, let me know. I’m not going back.

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