29 July 2014

Chanel Orage Le Vernis Nail Colour: Pics, Review, Swatches

Chanel’s new season beauty collections never fail to fill me with desire.  For Autumn, and the Collection Etats Poetiques, it’s the three new Le Vernis nail colours (€23 each)  that gave me that deep, cosmetic craving that is futile to resist*.

When Orage arrived as a pre-release sample, I almost wept – I’d had it about three seconds before it was on my nails. I’ll still buy Atmosphère, and maybe Secret too (check them all out here), but for now, Orage is my latest, greatest love.

Orage is a deceptively complex shade. Described as a grey blue, it’s the moody, mysterious colour of the night sky or a deep body of water. In some lights it looks black or navy, in others a deep grey…but there’s always a little somethin’ somethin’ going on that keeps it interesting.

It could be the very faint silvery shimmer; most evident in the bottle, almost unnoticeable on the nail, this is what I think gives it that watery vibe – just the slightest silvery tinge, like the fading sun on the ocean or a lake.

The formula is lovely:  it’s very thin, so the first coat is definitely streaky, but the second is when the magic happens. It completely coats the nail and gives a gorgeous, saturated and very glossy shade that’s deeper than the bottle colour first appears. I added a high-shine topcoat (Seche Vite and Sally Hansen’s are my current faves) and got four days of happiness from smiling lovingly at my nails.

*And, um, the eyeshadow quad, new felt tip style eyeliner - and the lipsticks too. IT’S AN ADDICTION, PEOPLE!

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