30 June 2014

How to Give Yourself a Face Massage At Home, In Seven Simple Steps

London-based facialist to the stars, Michaella Boulder, was recently in town to demonstrate some promising sounding oil products from L'Oreal Paris.

Always popular in Asia, facial oils have been enjoying a renaissance here in the last few years -  but we've had to pay big for the privilege.  Until now. The L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil will retail for €29.99, with an oil-in-cream version also available for €22.99. I'll report back when I've had a chance to try.

So that's the good news - but how, exactly, do we use them? 

Michaella demonstrated how oils can be used with the ultimate anti-ageing technique - face massage - to smooth away tension, relax facial muscles and lift up the skin. 

I caught up with her afterwards, to establish the best technique for doing this at home. Allow 20 minutes for your evening face routine:
  1. After cleansing and toning, squeeze 4 to 5 drops of oil into the palms of your hands and rub together, to activate and warm.
  2. Press the palms onto your skin from the forehead down to the chest area (add more oil if needed)
  3. Slide back up to the middle of your chin, using your index finger above and your thumb below your jaw.
  4. Pinch along to your ears (repeat 6 times)
  5. Press your palms over your cheek bones, and sweep outwards and upwards to the hair line (repeat 6 times).
  6. Finish up on the forehead, again sliding your palms from the centre outwards applying a gentle pressure (repeat 6 times).
  7. Get to know your face and work on any pressure points where you can feel a build-up of tension, using a comfortable pressure. 
Still confused? I got it on video, too!

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