27 May 2014

See what Kim and Kanye get up to on honeymoon (kinda) in my Weekly Vlog!

Honestly, Kimye, just get your own ideas, will ya? No sooner had I informed the world (well, my Facebook page anyway – check it out here) that we were off to Cork for the weekend than that pair were getting in on the action too.

The newlyweds have reportedly flown straight from their Italian wedding to Cork airport to start their honeymoon and, while we didn’t spot them on our travels, we reckon they’ll be checking out some of the same haunts we did. Well, if the English Market is good enough for the actual Queen of England, it’s surely good enough for Kim and Kanye, too…

Check it all out in my first (and, er, possibly only!) Weekly Vlog in which I show you Dublin in a rare bathing-in-sunshine moment, take you to dinner and a couple of parties and bring you along on our roadtrip to Cork.

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