22 May 2014

Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance Review...And Meeting Jo Malone!

Jo Malone with Ireland's beauty press including Emma of Fluff and Fripperies
Jo Malone (front and centre) with Melanie Morris, Image (far left), Fluff and Fripperies and other Irish beauty press

What's all this, then? Oh, no biggie, just that time I was hanging out with Jo Malone at The Marker Hotel last week - Frillseeker has the lowdown

It was a lovely evening and I went away inspired...and clutching a bottle of Pomelo, the first fragrance Jo created for her new brand, Jo Loves (having sold Jo Malone to Estee Lauder back in '99). 

Jo Loves Pomelo fragrance review

Jo describes it as a simple, two-note scent - pink pomelo and vetiver - that she tries to surround herself with, wherever she goes. And I can see why. It's quite addictive and very moreish - I've been literally drenching myself in the stuff since I got it. 

Though I've never tried pomelo (a type of tropical citrus fruit), to my nose, this is a very grapefruit-y fragrance, handily one of my favourites, with everything that entails. It's a bottle of zesty, lively, mouth-watering joy - but there's a tantalising sharpness, almost a bitterness, which makes it a fairly unisex scent.

(Did I say fairly unisex? Make that decidedly: Mr Fluff has just wafted off to some sporting event or another in a cloud of purloined Pomelo!)

Jo Malone
Jo serving up some mouthwatering Jo Loves chocolate cakes! 

Citrus scents don't tend to have great wear-time - they're short fragrance notes, which means they don't last long on the skin. This is different, though - I get a decent 4 hours or so, before I have to spritz again. 

Whether I want to spritz sooner is another matter altogether - I'm hooked on that first, fresh citrussy burst - and I think this will end up living in my office, to be liberally topped up throughout the day. And to keep it out of the thieving hands of Himself! 

Have you tried Pomelo, or any other Jo Loves scent? 

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