17 May 2014

I’d Love Your Nomination In The Aussie Blog Awards – And Here’s Why #aussieblogawards

I remember the day my godmother, and one of my favourite people, my beautiful Aunty Yvonne, told me she was moving away. I cried into my pillow for weeks. Along with Uncle Jimmy and my stunningly gorgeous wee cousins, she has been living in Australia for more than 20 years. On the other side of the world. I still feel robbed. 

My Uncle Bruce is also there with his family - and after much deliberation, last year Mr Fluff’s brother, his wife Denise and their family also made the move. My nieces seem more grown up with each Facebook or Instagram snap I see. Australia has claimed so many people I love and, despite always wanting to visit, life keeps getting in the way – things like saving for our wedding, our little apartment, our even littler car. 

So your nomination for ‘Most Aussome Beauty Blog’ in the Aussie Blog Awards with Her.ie would mean the world to me. The prize for most Aussome Blog - the overall winner from the first four categories? A trip to Australia - a chance for a proper sit down with these much loved faces, over some good tucker and maybe a stubby or two. 

So if you like what I do on this little corner of the internet, please take two seconds to nominate me here. As always, I am incredibly grateful for your support. I know it's a longshot - but sometimes dreams really do come true. 

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