16 May 2014

Hot Spots: Rock Lobster Wins Best Seafood Restaurant in Ireland

Rock Lobster Wins Best Seafood Restaurant in Ireland

This week, Rock Lobster at Harvey Nichols won 'Best Seafood Restaurant in Ireland' at the Good Eating Guide Awards 2014 – which happily coincided with my recent visit and planned review!

By way of background, I have to share a very painful memory with you all: I once ordered a lobster dinner that was decidedly substandard (peculiarly bitter) -  and set me back €116. For one dish. The only reason Mr Fluff forgave me is because it was a genuine misreading-of-a-foreign-menu situation (I’d failed to see the price was quoted by weight) and also, we were on our honeymoon in Italy. He kinda had to let it go. 

Rock Lobster Wins Best Seafood Restaurant in Ireland

So when I heard about a lobster joint in Dublin that’s not only incredibly delicious but also incredibly affordable, it was sweet, sweet music to my ears. Previously situated above Kielys pub in Donnybrook, Rock Lobster has now moved to the altogether swankier surrounds of Harvey Nichols in the Dundrum Town Centre. Neither are particularly handy locations for me but there are rumours of a city centre opening and my fingers are firmly crossed.

But enough preamble, onto the grub! The menu is mouthwatering – I’d happily munch my way through all of it. Primarily steak and seafood, it features 100% Irish beef which is sourced from two small private farms in south Leinster along with freshly caught fish and Irish and Canadian lobster.

Rock Lobster Wins Best Seafood Restaurant in Ireland
Dinner is served! 

To start with, the Mr and I split four titbits for €18 - choosing from various options including chicken liver brulee, chilli and lime calamari, smoked salmon and parmesan twists, and 'posh fish fingers'!

Rock Lobster Wins Best Seafood Restaurant in Ireland

Then it was on to the main event: the lobster. Despite being briefly tempted by the steaks and lobster linguini, we both settled on the whole split lobster, at €24 a pop. Served with melted butter, home-cut fries and a side salad, this was everything my Italian lobster was not: sweet, delicious and cooked to absolute perfection. Not to mention about a hundred quid cheaper. In fact our entire meal, with wine, cost less than that fecker. (This was almost six years ago and I still haven’t got over the shock.)

If you like lobster, you’ll love Rock Lobster – and your purse will love you, too. To make a booking call 01 2910410 or email Dundrum@rocklobster.ie.

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