02 May 2014

DIY Designer Nail Art: A Prabal Gurung Inspired How To

Not only is Sue one of my best Irish beauty blogging buddies but she has some of the best nail art skills in the country, and an imagination to match. Here's she's taken inspiration from the runway to bring us a step-by-step to this gorgeous lilac mani that's ideal for SS14. Enjoy - and don't forget to check her site for beauty, film reviews and lots and lots of LOLZ.

Delighted ​to be guest posting for the lovely Emma, while she catches some much needed RnR in the sunshine - thanks Em!

I thought for the occasion that's in it and for the unprecedented sunshine we've been enjoying, I'd recreate a Summer nail look from the catwalks of the Spring/Summer shows from New York Fashion Week. 

This lilac stunner is the work of Nepalese/American designer, Prabal Gurung. Amy Adams wore this particular gĂșna for the premiere of 'Her', sure if it's good enough for Amy's bod, it's good enough for our nails, right?

As ever I like to keep things simple when it comes to nails and nail art. I've been a little obsessed with the 'negative space' manicures (ones with partly nudey nails) and thought this design would be the perfect opportunity for me to try my own. 

For colours I used the brand new and seriously gorgeous Bourjois ​Lavande Esquisse from their Summer 2014 collection and Essie's Blanc (one of my all time favourite whites).

You'll need some tape for this one but can substitute this striping tape for sellotape should you be stuck. 

  • Step 1: Paint all nails with 2/3 thin coats of lilac and wait to dry
  • Step 2: Place two pieces of tape in an X on each nail bed
  • Step 3: Using nail polish remover on a cotton bud, carefully remove the polish inside the uppermost triangle
  • Step 4: Lay the same two pieces of tape diagonally across the end of your nail, just up from the tip
  • Step 5: Paint one coat of white inside the tape on the nail tip
  • Step 6: Top with a high shine top coat to pull the entire look together (I'd recommend Seche Vite all day, 'err day)
​What say we to summer designer nails then? Will you give them a shot?

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