23 May 2014

CND Vinylux: Long-wear Nail Polish System; Review and Pics

Earlier this week I wrote about my favourite beauty subscription box service, Chic Treat Club –including a video reveal of the May box. Coincidentally, today’s post features my favourite product of the April box, the amazeballs long-lasting nail polish system, CND Vinylux. 

Brought to you by the same folks behind the game-changing gel system, Shellac, this is a laquer and topcoat combo that applies like standard nail polish, promises week-long wear, dries quickly and comes off with your regular remover. 

CND Vinylux

There’s no base coat required, since the formula includes stain prevention technology. And – this is the really clever bit – the polish gets stronger when it’s exposed to natural light. 

This sunny shade, Bicycle Yellow  – one of a massive 62 colours in the range – arrived just before I headed off to Tenerife, which gave me the perfect testing ground. For convenience, I’d normally I’d shell out for a two or three week mani before a holiday but this time, I slapped on a couple of coats of Vinylux, followed by the topcoat, the night before our flight.

Application was easy – it’s fast-drying, and goes on like any old polish – but the big question is: how long did it last? 

CND Vinylux in action

I’m delighted to report SIX solid days of wear-time before a chip appeared – during which time I was in and out of the sea and the swimming pool, not to mention hefting some fairly giganormous Spanish G&Ts (highly strenuous activities carried out diligently, because they tend to weaken a regular polish!). 

I used acetone-free pads to remove it on the flight back to Dublin, which worked fine, though an acetone-based product is recommended by the brand. Despite the bright yellow colour there was no staining and my nails were in grand shape underneath: no peeling, breaking or splitting in sight. 

The bottom line? Vinylux saves time on application, dries quicker than my regular polishes and lasts considerably longer – with zero damage to my nails. What’s not to love? 

You’ll find it in selected salons, priced at €11,95 a pop for the polish and topcoat - €17.95 if you pick up both. I’ve already spotted it in Dublin’s Fifth Avenue salon (which I would highly recommend) and you can check out the website to find your nearest stockist. 

Nope - not a sponsored post if you're wondering - just a fab find I really wanted to share! 

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