01 May 2014

Best Beauty Multi-taskers: Let Lorraine Lighten Your Travel Load!

Lorraine,  of John, It's Only Makeup!,  is such a brilliant Irish beauty blogger that if you're not a regular reader then you're totally missing out. Seriously: she's hilarious, and she really knows her stuff.  A case in point: 

I'm a champion packer. Honest to God, I once won a competition for having the lightest luggage on a plane. So, mine is advice to heed. I've picked out some beauty multi-taskers that should lighten your travel load.

Max Factor Facefinity Primer with SPF 20, €13.99, is the best primer I've tried in yonks, not to mention the cheapest. The sun protection is perfect for evenings, when you're ditching the SPF 50 and bikini for the restaurant. It creates a plumped-up, smooth base for foundation and stops all the melting that comes with heat.

Really stuck for space? Leave the eyeshadow palettes at home and put your contouring products to work. Bronzer in the crease, highlighter on the crease and BAM! You're a ride.  I've picked Topshop's Crescent Moon Highlighter, €14.99, and NYC bronzer in Sutton Place Peach, €2.99, because they're cheap as chips, leaving more money to put in the duty-free fund. 

Dior Color Reviver Lip Balm in Coral, €33, is a lip conditioner with a peachy tint and light sheen. It's a low-maintenance star - whack it on and you're left with a face-brightening wash of colour and hydrated lips. 

Skin cancer is so preventable, and the method of prevention is rubbing on lotion that smells nice, which is handy. I'm all about sun block, probably one bucket of crazy away from wearing it to bed, so Nuxe Tanning Oil with SPF 10, €20, is my pick for slathering on to watch the sun set. Its scent is so summery, and the oily texture doubles up as a body moisturiser with added skin-glistening benefits. 

That's my lot! What wonder product will you be packing this year?

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