29 April 2014

Top Five Travel Destinations: Anouka Takes Us On A Whirlwind, Worldwide Tour

This week, there’s a definite holiday vibe on the site.  As I’m (hopefully) sunning myself by a pool, I’ve lined up lots of great travel themed guest posts, and there’s even a giveaway or two in the mix, so stay tuned. 

First up, I’m delighted to share this lovely post from one of my favourite travel bloggers, Anouka of Luxessed. Her blog fills me with wanderlust: it’s filled with a beautiful mix of her passions, including photography, adventure, luxury, and food. In short, she’s my kinda gal – so sit back and enjoy as she takes you on a whirlwind tour of her favourite locations.  And don’t forget to swing by her beautiful website to say hello! 

I feel honoured that Emma has kindly asked me to do a post on my top five travel destinations. Being a passionate traveller, I love to share my favourite cities with you. 

5 - Hong Kong

Of the few cities that I have visited in Asia, Hong Kong is my top favourite. It is very safe, the night life is amazing and it’s great if you are into top floor bars. I love the services, the ease of moving around the city and the different cultures that come together. Besides the traditional touches, Hong Kong is extremely modern and technologically advanced. 

4 - Moscow

I have lived in Moscow for a year and a half and this city is very close to my heart. It wasn’t easy to settle in at first but gradually I learned to appreciate and love this unique place. It is full of contrasts and it has undergone a huge transformation for the past decades. Few cities feel so real. There is a great selection of restaurants, museums, and sights. And of course it is the place for ballet lovers. A piece of myself will for ever be in Moscow. 

3 - New York

One of the most inspiring places in the entire world. It is just top for art, music, shopping and eating out. If I ever lived there, I wouldn’t be travelling much elsewhere because this city offers everything that the heart desires. And if you feel like taking a break from the hustle and bustle, there is Central Park and the beach, which is only a train ride away. 

2 - Los Angeles

You either love it or you hate it. I have been there three times now and each time it’s like stepping into a movie. I mostly enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and hot weather. Then there are also the amazing shopping malls and restaurants. I never run out of things to do: one day I may feel like going to the beach in Santa Monica and the next I decide to take a trip to the desert. The sun is out on most days. I just throw on light clothes and I drive off. 

1 - London

I lived six years in this amazing city and I regularly return to meet with friends, go shopping and enjoy eating out. It just feels like home to me. I find it less intimidating than perhaps New York and more cosmopolitan than let’s say Paris. All great musicians and art exhibitions come to London. It is a city that will never bore you because there is more going on than you will ever have the time and energy to absorb. London, you’re still my number one and I don’t see this changing for many years to come. 

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