15 April 2014

The Male Grooming Edit Featuring Clinique For Men; Surya Brasil Sapien

Best Skincare for Men feat. Clinique for Men and Surta Brasil Sapien Skincare ranges

Women are always asking me 'Mr Fluff, how can I get my man to look as great as you?'  Well actually this has never happened so it is probably with good reason that Mrs Fluff, in her infinite wisdom, has got me to try out a whole bunch of men's grooming products, my opinion of which I will share for you here.

There's a pretty small number of lotions and potions that a man needs and even less that most can be bothered with, though admittedly things are changing a little in this regard and more and more of us are actually claiming our fair share of the bathroom cabinet.  One thing every gentleman should be doing is washing his face at some point and for this purpose I've now got Clinique for Men face wash, which does exactly what it says on the tin and without drying out your skin, the way some of the cheaper brands can.

Clinique for Men and Surya Brasil Sapien Skincare ranges

The sleek grey packaging is also appealing to the menfolk as it's functional but stylish and the description of the products is nice and clear with no confusion over what goes where or what it's supposed to do. 

The next thing a gentleman should be considering is exfoliation which is especially important if one has a beard and, since I started sporting facial fuzz, it's obviously become a trend with many fashion conscious man types attempting to emulate me.  Bless. 

So, to avoid beard-druff you want to be exfoliating and for this purpose you've got the choice between a manual or chemical exfoliant, the difference being with manual you're physically scrubbing the skin (I have the excellent Surya Brasil Sapien Men Facial Scrub which is gentle but effective) whereas the chemical varieties help your skin shed quicker and will tend to come as some sort of toner or tonic (mine is Clinique's Exfoliating Tonic).  It's entirely a matter of personal preference.

The last step for the manly face is moisturising, regardless of whether or not you've shaved. I was lucky enough to get given Clinique's offering and find it works very well, absorbing into the skin quickly and without a strong smell that would work against any scent you might like to add on top (and you can check out a few of my favourites here). 

"You look much younger" was Mrs Fluff's response when I started using these products, although she didn't specify by how many days.

Do you have any further grooming recommendations for the well turned out male (ie, obvs, me)? 

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