01 April 2014

Penneys Summer 2014: The Fluff and Fripperies Edit!

Pick any SS14 trend and you can bet your bottom dollar that it's headed your way at a Penneys near you. From tropical prints to the soothing colour palette of the Cote d'Azur, Ireland's favourite affordable retailer is serving it up with a cherry on top. 

Matching separates have been a huge trend across all the SS14 collections and the Penneys offerings were a pleasant surprise - the colours are vibrant and appealing while the fabrics genuinely felt spendier than the pricetags. 

That orange two piece (top) is just €11 for the tee and €13 for the shorts, while the pink and orange animal print suit comes in at €21 for the jacket, and €13 for the skirt. Sure where else would you find it?! 

Pattern and texture play a big part in adding interest to summer staples with this sweet little t-shirt and shorts combo sporting a pretty daisy print and playful sheered out mesh panels (a cute polka dot version will be available too). 

I was pleased to see a couple of more modest offerings in the mix (they suit my advanced years!) like this tribal midi length number, with its grunge inspired spaghetti straps, €17, and the cute, drop-waisted 20s style dress - with sleeves. I do love a nice sleeve! 

Sandals €13; sunglasses €2; sunglasses case €2
Accessories are brilliant, too: there are statement necklaces and ear-rings a go-go with some really intricately beaded pieces, like the sandals and handbag pictured, both looking and feeling quite boho and luxe. 

Men's shirt, top right, €9
The Limited Edition colour block sandals and bag, just €20 and €18 respectively (below), had a really chic vibe though personally I'd struggle to manage that heel height. The pink and black sandals (top left, above), though, are a different story, and at €22 I'll be looking out for them in store. 

I'll also be keeping my eyes peeled for the really lovely cover-ups and kimonos that will be landing over the next couple of months. If I don't snare one I guarantee, THERE WILL BE TEARS.

Again, these Coachella inspired pieces have been a staple of many SS14 collections but with Penneys prices hovering at around the €15 mark it's doubtful there'll be better value to be found. I really fell for this coral splash offering but they come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and prints. 

Here comes the summer! 

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