18 April 2014

New Spring Shoes: Ivory Dr. Martens from Walk Shoes Online

Ivory Elk Dr Martens Review

This month saw the 20th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain. His death hit me hard: I made a scrapbook, played Bleach constantly and cried for weeks – maybe months. And shortly after that I swapped my peasant skirts, plaid shirts and Doc Martens for Britpop’s denim miniskirts and my Dad’s vintage bottle-green Lacoste tee. (Don’t scoff: as scenes go, Britpop might not exactly stack up against, say, early New York punk, but it was happening right around me and it was fun). 

Ivory Elk Dr Martens 1460 Boots

I didn’t envisage that I’d ever wear another pair of Docs, but as the years rolled by and the 90s revival kicked up several gears, I was certainly tempted. 

Despite Mr Fluff’s concerns over regressing to my teenaged self (if you're old enough to remember the first time round, etc), old favourites crept back into my wardrobe.  This shirt, for example, along with several floral dresses, a maxi skirt or two and some slouchy knits – resistance seemed futile. 

Dr Martens Ivory Elk 1460 Boots

And so, these babies have come into my life. Hailing from Walk Shoes Online, an Irish family owned independent shoe shop in Cork, these ivory Dr. Martens, €125, are my latest love. 

The website was easy to use, delivery times were impressive and lo, before Mr Fluff could object, these 1460 boots in Elk Ivory leather were firmly welded to my feet.  

Dr Martens Ivory Elk 1460 Boots

The colour, perfect for spring, is far enough removed from the blacks and oxbloods of my youth that these boots don’t feel like regression, not one bit. 

Instead, they feel like heaven (now that I’ve broken them in) – as light and comfortable as I remember, as if they were fashioned exactly for my archless, extra wide size 6’s. 

Dr Martens Ivory Elk 1460 Boots review

The leather is super soft, with a slightly grainy, matte effect. I absolutely love them with my pleated peach midi skirt and grey sweatshirt, both from H&M, and have to physically force myself to dress in anything else. 

What are you loving lately? 

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