08 April 2014

Allsun shows us her Lovely Legs - courtesy of Cocoa Brown's latest launch!

Cocoa Brown Tan Tried and Tested

Allsun is back and getting her faux-glow on courtesy of Irish tanning brand Cocoa Brown - you can also find out more about this brand in my video on Irish beauty products

I'm sure at this stage you're well aware of the cult Irish tanning brand, Cocoa Brown. The inspiring business woman behind the line, Marissa Carter, has added 3 more tanning products to her collection and, before I even get on to the products, I must say I adore the packaging;  I can't help being drawn to anything in a vibrant pink bottle!

Cocoa Brown Tan New Products

So back to the products:

Firstly we have Gentle Bronze, a light moisturiser with a gradual tanner built in. The product is brown in colour when you apply it to the skin. It smells lovely, without that overpowering 'fake tan' smell (which is something Cocoa Brown miraculously manages to avoid throughout the entire product range). After a few applications your skin becomes beautifully bronzed and ready for any Spring/Summer outing.

Next there's the New 1 Hour Tan Mousse (Dark Shade), which is basically a deeper and more dramatic version of the original Cocoa Brown product that had us all wowed from day one. Perfect for giving any pale Irish complexion a lovely tanned look without having to apply layers and layers of fake tan, like the original the key point here is you can do all this in just one hour. 

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Tan Makeup Spray

Finally, the product I could not wait to try was Lovely Legs. We've all heard of Sally Hansen for legs, though personally I've never tried it. I've seen my sister use it for years and I'd wondered why she just wouldn't wear a pair of tights! 

So currently my legs are black & blue as I've been trying to master the art of skiing, which didn't work out very well.  As Lovely Legs promises to cover imperfections,  I thought this would be the perfect time to put it to the biggest test of its life!

I followed the instructions as per the bottle, spraying the product directly on to my tanning mitt. When I started rubbing it into my legs to me the tan looked very orange and I started to freak out a little bit, but I shouldn't have worried. The more I rubbed it into my legs, the more the colour transformed into a lovely golden brown colour. 

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Before and After

The great thing with this product is you can layer it up to get the right shade of golden brown you require for your pins.  However, the biggest revelation was how it dried so quickly with no streaking. Within 2 minutes the tan was dry -  I was actually amazed. 

For me, the colour was fantastic, my black and blue bits were less obvious (but still noticeable - it would take a miracle to cover them up completely!) but the  best bit? Having lovely tanned feet, which reminded me of summer! 

Lovely Legs washed off the next morning in the shower which was great. Now I know why my sister always used tanning makeup for her legs. I'm now a convert and Cocoa Brown's Lovely Legs will be in my bathroom cabinet from now on. 

If you've tried the range let me know how you get on, and I'll be back soon with my thoughts on the other new products in the range! 

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