24 March 2014

Eight New Beauty Essentials For A Weekend Getaway

New Beauty Favourites from Fluff and Fripperies

Left to my own devices I’d bring my entire stash on a weekend away – but little things like carrying my bag, fitting into the car and being allowed on the plane without re-mortgaging the gaff tend to get in my way. So of necessity, I’ve upped my packing game and for a recent trip I brought single figures of cosmetic items along for the ride. (Yes, I do kind of want a medal, thanks.)  

My base was taken care of by my current favourite foundation, Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude. I waxed lyrical about this on Frillseeker so hop over to see why I’m so smitten, but suffice it to say that it nails that luminous, second-skin effect. It’s just lovely. 

Beauty Essentials for Weekend Getaway

Sticking with the naked skin theme (oo-err, missus!) I also brought the two most recent launches in the L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique line, to give them a good ol' trial with no other products hanging around.  Ignoring the 'BB' moniker I’m very impressed with both so far – the powder is finely milled and velvety while the concealer, with its roll on applicator, felt delightful the morning after the night before.
Cheeks were taken care of with the adorable No7 Pop &Glow Cream Blush Stick from Boots – I brought Mango Sorbet, and you can see Rose Blossom in action here.  Child’s play to use and apply, the soft sheeny glow and trio of sweet shades have secured these a place in my heart.  This coralicious shade works so nicely with Lancome’s Lip Lover in Orange Manege, which arrived shortly after this post.

Travel Beauty Essentials

For eyes, the Smashbox Full Exposure palette is my current crush. I used it for day and night and on my brows too -  check out my full review.  I also broke out L’Oreal’s Million Volume Lashes Noir Excess for the trip and while I enjoyed it, the results weren’t quite as dramatic as the name might suggest. I’d say I’m whelmed, but with the Bobbi Brown Blackest Black Ink liner, it’s love. It's a frequent travel companion and it plays a key part in my favourite pin-up make-up look.

What do you make of my packing, and what are your makeup essentials for weekends away?

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