11 March 2014

Easy, Everyday, Two Minute Makeup Look (with video how-to!)

I love nothing more than sitting in front of the mirror for ages playing with my makeup (like this 'get ready with me' video for my favourite 'modern pin up' look very clearly shows!). But that's a special occasion/night out/weekend kinda thang because in day to day life, honestly, who actually has the time?

Most days, I need a simple, speedy, look that will get me looking presentable and out of the door in, ooh, about two minutes flat. I blogged about something very similar here, but for the easiest ever everyday makeup, I just follow these seven simple steps.  Watch the video to see exactly how I roll. 

STEP ONE: BB or CC cream - yes there are a lot of duds out there but the best ones will melt into your skin effortlessly and provide you with natural looking coverage and some skincare benefits including hydration and SPF. 

STEP TWO: Concealer to minimise dark circles, redness or blemishes - finding one that does a decent job on all three is half the battle. An updated version of this post is in the works. 

STEP THREE:  Brighten up your face with a touch of blush. Creams will blend nicely over your base and look fresh and youthful, as they give skin a little bit of sheen. They're also incredibly quick and easy to apply - especially the one I'm using in this video. 

STEP FOUR:  Defining my brows is a step I hate to miss, because it really helps to frame the face and make things look much neater. I use different products and techniques but on days where minutes matter, a pencil and a light hand work the best. 

STEP FIVE:  My love of makeup crayons is well documented and they're such a blessing when you're really pushed for time. A scribble on the lids, a quick smudge with a finger and you're done.  

STEP SIX:  When I'm wearing makeup (and haven't visited Christoph), mascara's non-negotiable - I just look daft (and lashless) otherwise. I like something that won't be too hard work - easy on and easy off is best. 

STEP SEVEN:  A smidge of something on the lips is the final touch - a lip crayon, lip butter or like, here, a tinted gloss/balm hybrid does the trick. In the pic above I'm wearing a peachy shade of the Clarins Instant Light Natural perfector; in the video I'm wearing a pink shade of the Boots version of this product. 

Everything I'm using in the video is listed in the description bar if you want to check it out. What's your failsafe, fool-proof look?

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