25 February 2014

The Essentials Pedicure: All Killer, No Filler!

The Perfect Pedicure at Essentials Baggot Street

There are people, Mr Fluff included, who don’t like their feet being handled- and for them, my heart seriously bleeds. All my limbs are in favour of a therapeutic touch, but my feet especially crave a rub at any time of day.  

Old injuries, flat footedness and, I’m secretly convinced, the fact that I'm a Pisces (you can see why I keep that one under wraps) mean they're permanently aching, even though my days of six inch heels are in the past. (Apart fr
om the comfort factor, I fall over my own feet constantly – it would just be way too dangerous).
Add to that the pleasure of silky soles and pretty painted toenails, and you can see why a pedicure is my idea of blissful joy and wonder.

And yet the perfect pedi is rarer than hen’s teeth. So often this treatment is woefully unbalanced – all cosmetic, for example, but little shifting of dry skin. Or focusing on foot health, but with no sniff of a massage.

Essentials Salon Baggot Street Review

Essentials, on Dublin's Baggot Street, offers as close to the perfect pedicure as I have ever found. My therapist, Winnie, paid such singular care and attention to my tired and aching tootsies that I was seriously tempted to propose.

I’ve had good pedicures before, but this has topped them by a country mile. Two things made all the difference. First up: the blade. Painless but effective, it made short work of hardened skin, and my feet are now ridiculously soft. Then there’s the massage: thorough and skilled, it was enough to make me lose the kindle and almost drift away.

Add in some expert cuticle work, various creams and spritzes, and two coats of a pretty, quick drying polish, and my feet feel revitalised and fresh. Leaving the salon, I sprang from cloud to fluffy cloud till I was home.

The Essentials pedicure is €55 - I’ve paid more for much, much less. This one was on the house, but I’ll be happily shelling out for years to come. I’ve found The One.

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