04 February 2014

Chop, Chop: My Peter Mark experience

It's been decades since I had a haircut in a Peter Marks - the excellent Style Club not withstanding - but with a voucher in hand and a hopeful heart I set off for the newly remodelled salon on Grafton Street. 

Overhauled in November, the decor has been updated from the stark black, white and brown colour scheme I remembered. Instead, white is teamed with restful greys and soothing pops of green.   

My experience was mixed: the cut is grand, but the top layers are shorter than I wanted,  giving it less of the choppy-bob effect I'd asked for.  And I lost an inch or two more than I asked for, but I guess that's a common enough hair salon complaint and lookit, it'll grow. 

More importantly, I'm happy with my colour - I felt they really took the time to listen, and it showed in the results. They first applied a base colour to my lightened ends, before following with an all-over colour shade of neutral, cool toned brown.

I don't like too much warmth in my hair and the result is exactly what I wanted. Plus, the recommended Colour Pop treatment added lots of glossiness and shine - even if it also added more to my bill than I'd realised. 

Have you tried Peter Mark of late? 

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