21 January 2014

Treatment Tales: Brow Threading at Elysian Brows, with Before and After Pics

Before Threading at Elysian Brows

Brow maintenance can be a delicate balancing act – it’s all too easy to go from caterpillar to tadpole with just a few overenthusiastic tweaks. Neither is a very good look, but I'd wager that most of us have sported one or the other, if not both, over the years! My current routine is very low maintenance: sporadic salon visits, supplemented by a bit of DIY to preserve the shape. 

You won't be surprised to hear that's not always successful so this year, I’ve resolved to step it up a bit with more regular appointments, to keep things looking a little more tidy and groomed. I’ve kicked things off with a recent visit to Elysian Brows who, since I last wrote about them, have relocated to the bustling and vibrant surrounds of Southwilliam Street. My favourite brow salon on my favourite street? No wonder I’m keen to return! 

After Threading at Elysian Brows

The Elysian approach uses threading to conserve the natural shape of the brow, achieving a more defined and groomed finish that is tailored to each client’s face. Read my interview with salon owner, Libby, to see her top ten tips for beautiful brows. On this occasion we kept my brows as full as possible while creating a more precise line underneath, and a stronger arch. I left as happy as ever, and vowing to come back soon. 

A brow tidy and shape at Elysian, with consultation, is €22; check out the website for more. 

On this occasion Fluff and Fripperies was a guest of Elysian Brows.

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