20 January 2014

Smashbox Photoshoot with Davis Factor and Sneak Peek at New Products!

Smashbox Photoshoot

Twenty fourteen, already I'm loving your work! It's not every day that you get your portrait taken by a world class photographer but, thanks to Smashbox Cosmetics, that's the slightly surreal situation I found myself in last week. 
Smashbox Photoshoot
The masters: hair styliust Bea (top) and makeup artist (and trainer) Emma (bottom left) 

Davis Factor, co-founder of Smashbox Studios and Smashbox Cosmetics, great-grandson of beauty legend Max Factor, photographer to the stars ( and director of, among other things, The Hills!) was in town accompanied by a team of amazingly talented artists from Smashbox and Bumble and Bumble. Despite my uncanny knack for being the most unphotogenic person in any room ever, I figured this was the best chance I was ever gonna have of achieving a half decent picture. 
Smashbox Photoshoot
L-R: Sue, Karen, moi
I was IN LOVE with my hair, created by the amazing Bumble and Bumble stylist (and vintage vixen) Bea Watson, who curled and set it in the most perfect retro waves. Makeup maestro Emma Farrell complimented it with the perfect red lip (Infrared Matte from the Be Legendary line - I'm planning a payday purchase!) and understated eye, created with the stunning new Full Exposure palette. 
Smashbox makeover

I was genuinely just overwhelmed by the whole effect and experience - and the best bit of the day? Everyone was so, so lovely, from the hair and beauty teams to the amazing PR peeps, some of the best in the business, and Davis himself, who for such a huge talent was incredibly approachable and friendly and patient. 

I had the nicest time with Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits and Sue from Bright And Beautyfull and we took our newly fabulous selves off for cocktails later on.  My photo should be with me in about a month and I'll share it then but till then, hope you enjoy my iPhone snaps of the day.

Smashbox Telephoto Brush

We also sneak peeked the latest products that will be headed our way - I'm especially excited about the telephoto brush, which has three settings to apply powder products for a variety of different finishes. The first is perfect for full-coverage foundation or powder, the second setting is for medium coverage and the third, ideal for a more sheer effect.

Smashbox Be Legendary Gloss

To accompany the Be Legendary lipstick line a range of glosses will also be headed our way; this cements my suspicion that gloss will be back with a bang this year and these are lovely, creamy offerings that aren't the slightest bit sticky. A waterproof mascara will also be landing and everything will be on counter from May.

But for now, tell me: does anyone have the foggiest idea of how I can recreate this hair at home?!

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