22 January 2014

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Oh Soho Sweet, Long Time Lavender and Bubblegum Pink

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Oh Soho Sweet, Long Time Lavender and Bubblegum Pink

Even if you're not normally a fan of candy colours, they start to look fresh and appealing at this time of year. I actually squealed over these shades from New York Colour and, about three seconds after I ripped open a surprise package from the brand, all three were adorning my fingertips.

Swatches NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Oh Soho Sweet, Long Time Lavender and Bubblegum Pink

Like with most things I've tried from this brilliant budget brand, I was genuinely impressed. The formula for all three couldn't be faulted: they apply evenly, last ages and are opaque in two coats - and all for the grand price of €1.99.

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish Oh Soho Sweet

Oh Soho Sweet is a marvel. If you're a fan of these creamy, peachy pinks then you'll know they will generally break your heart. Even the priciest varieties in my collection require multiple coats and can still look uneven and streaky. This one applies like a dream and looks elegant and soft - run, don't walk to your nearest stand!

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish  Long Time Lavender

Long Time Lavender was a surprise hit. I generally avoid this type of pearlised, shimmery shade but I was quite taken with it on the nail. Plus, after years of being perceived as tragically dated, this type of frosted finish is definitely making a comeback; it's been popping up in lots of the spring collections. This is a good way to try out the trend without hurting your pocket.

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish  Bubblegum Pink

But it's Bubblegum Pink, a warm toned, coral hued pink, that's my pick of the bunch. A vibrant and intense creme, it's a stunner of a shade - and the ultra glossy finish lasted just under a week on my nails.

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Oh Soho Sweet, Long Time Lavender and Bubblegum Pink

If you're looking for a guilt free January splurge, check these out at your local chemist or selected Penneys now.


Adele said...

Loving that shade of bubblegum.
Happy Wednesday Emma xoxo

Makeup Monster said...

Very pretty shades!!

Pink Elephant Blog said...

Love Soho Sweet and Bubblegum Pink! Very pretty!

alex @ pinkelephantbloggin.com

Lilli said...

Hi Emma! Im recently loving this brand you know, I purchased the new blush in stick and the lips creme and they are so good, take a look if you find them! Btw, I want to try these nail polishes too, I think is the only product I never tried from them, the Bubblegum pink is definitely my fav! Kisses! xo

CutiCLUEles Page said...

Oh Soho sweet is so gorgeous.Definitely one I'll be adding to my wishlist. I love the bubblegum pink too. It's so great that NYC are affordable without compromising on the selection of colours available. They are really surpassing Essence and Catrice for me.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I really like the Bubblegum Pink polish

Anonymous said...

Soho Sweet will be mine!! What a gorgeous colour

Johanna said...

That is the perfect nude color and so affordable!

Kim Alston said...

i love the bubblegum pink one. it's such a pretty shade.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Gorgeous shades, love the shimmer :) x

NailsByNumbers said...

Bubblegum Pink is lovely. There is always room for a colour like that in everyone's collection. The kind of colour that instantly picks you up! :)

Christel Kuik said...

great colors!


The Braided Bandit said...

Such pretty colors! Nail polish never lasts for more than a few days for me so I definitely want to try these out! Thanks for sharing :)

xo Hannah

Anonymous said...

Great colours! Bubblegum pink is my favourite!

Sarah B said...

Bubblegum pink is just fab, I own a bajillion corals though but I'm sure I could squeeze in one more!!!

little t said...

Beautiful coral colour!

little t said...

Beautiful coral colour!

Margarita Bloom said...

The bubble gum pink is right up my alley! :)

- Gina
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Breige said...

Bubblegum Pink is def my fave! Not a fan of the middle one, the shimmery pink.