29 January 2014

AERIN Multi Color Duo for Lips and Cheeks: Review, Pix, Swatches

Aerin Multi Colour Duo Lip and Cheek

There is something so delightful about this Aerin Multi Colour palette for lips and cheeks. Part of the Christmas collection, Midnight Colour, it’s a wonderful complexion enhancer that I've fallen deeper and deeper in love with since receiving it at a press launch in December.

Aerin Multi Colour Duo Lip and Cheek Swatches
I found it tough to capture its subtle sheeny ways on camera but trust me, it's GORGEOUS! 

The shades, Warm Gold and Rich Nude, are ideal to sculpt the face, adding subtle definition, a touch of brightening colour and a certain fresh-faced dewiness to boot. It’s subtle, so if your skintone is darker than medium, I don’t know how effective you will find it. But for paler Celtic beauties, this could be the most prefect contour/highlight kit that you’ll encounter.

Aerin Multi Colour Duo Lip and Cheek Palette

The gel/cream formula is gorgeous, melting onto the skin without feeling remotely greasy. Fingers are absolutely fine – a dab or two blends effortlessly across the face. Both shades feel lovely and, despite the silky texture, stay in place all day without looking patchy or interfering with my base.

Aerin Multi Colour Duo Lip and Cheek on Face
Wearing only the Aerin palette - the gold on my lips, and both shades on my cheeks, over my foundation 

While I don’t actually use it on my lips – though I am in the first few pictures here – I’ve found it truly is a multuipurpose product, as in addition to being the perfect cheek highlighter, the gold shade is lovely on the eyes. It gives a subtle, glossy sheen when sheered out on the lid and also serves as a pretty brightening highlight for the inner corners of the eye.

Aerin Multi Colour Duo Lip and Cheek on Face
Wearing the palette with full makeup 

The downside? It’s spendy, at €38, and you’ll only find it in Brown Thomas. But it’s a thing of beauty in its gilded compact and, if it creates the illusion of cheekbones in my round, beach-ball face, then it’s worth every penny to me.


Keit said...

You don't have a beach-ball face!!! :D I love the glossy, golden box. Boxes always get to me *_*

Lilli said...

Oh, it looks so good! Would love to try it, I like it could be use in many ways! Kisses Emma! xo

Karen Constantine said...

Ooh you look boodyfull :) I'm loving this too and makes me want to try more Aerin things :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

It's stunning doll...not sure on the price, but it is a gorgeous product!! Hope you have a lovely day doll xo

Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

I haven't tried anything from Aerin yet but the shades are so delicate and pretty and natural - it's a gorgeous product range :o) Xx

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Adele said...

I've never heard of this brand, but I love the sheen of the product...love a golden glow!
Happy Wednesday Emma xoxo

Krystal // Village said...

i just love that its gold!

Alisha Shaughnessy said...

The packaging of this is gorgeous.. I'd love this just to leave on my bedside locker! By the by your foundation looks gorgeous in the pics! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh my, how soft yet shimmering - gorgeous formula and packaging!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Amy Fashion Blog said...

you look stunning

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

The colors are gorgeous and so is the packaging! I really want to try this brand.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Coco said...

Flawless makeup dear Emma, you look super pretty. I didn't know this brand so far, thanks for sharing!
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Louise O Reilly said...

You look gorgeous on you. Coloured lips really suit you! I haven't heard of them before. I agree it is abit pricey but if you get longevity then maybe it would be a nice treat purchase :)


Johanna said...

I am so impressed with her and with her product line. The packaging alone...stunning!

Kim Alston said...

i love the packaging. it would be great for anyone that wants minimal makeup.

yummychunklet said...

You look great!

Grace Ziegfeldgirl said...

wow! what a gorgeous palette!

Ale said...

looks gorgeous! the packaging is worth investing in too! :)