05 December 2013

Lancome 24H Artliner in Chrome: Review, Pics, Swatches

Would you believe that Lancôme's Artliner is 20 years old, and I'm only now realising how completely and utterly brilliant it is? I'm normally devoted to felt tip eyeliner pens and give liquids a wide berth, because I reckon they're fiddly and tricksy to use. This, though, is the bomb: intensely pigmented, long wearing and an absolute doddle to apply. 

If you watched my debut on the aul' YouTube you'll have seen Chrome in action, but I wanted to show it here, up close and personal. One of 6 new anniversary shades, it's a lovely metallic grey that won't feather or flake, but delivers a precise, wet-look line that lasts quite as long as you want it. 

I was also sent Sapphire to play with, which is a stunning cobalt I know I'll wear and wear when the weather warms up. They're joined on counter by Black Diamond, Turquoise, Silver and Jade - €28's the damage and, considering they won't dry out anywhere near as quick as pen liners, I'm expecting they'll last me forever. 

Have you tried these yet? Thoughts? 

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