13 November 2013

St Grape Bath and Body Products: Review and Worldwide Giveaway!

I love a good soak - it's one of the easiest and most effective ways to really unwind. For me, baths have nothing to do with getting clean (that's what the shower's for), but everything to do with pampering, relaxing, clearing the mind and nourishing the skin. 

St Grape Bath and Body Products
And with this lovely little selection from natural brand St. Grape, I've been spending lots and lots of time wallowing in my fragrant, steamy bathtub - and enjoying every second! 

Here's what they sent me to try out, and what I made of it - currently you can only order from their website which is why I've listed the prices in sterling below:

Exotic Soaking Salt (600g, £15) 

For me this is the star of the show - combining pink Himalayan mineral salts with a blend of essential oils, this is absolutely brilliant for relieving tension in the muscles and helping me unwind. The scent transforms my teeny bathroom into a luxury spa and my skin feels amazing after use. 

St Grape Exotic Salt Soak

Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub (150g,  £12)

This lovely little frosted glass jar contains a blend of natural and essential oils with mineral sea salt and is a very gentle, finely textured scrub that, nonetheless, leaves skin  glowing. It smells fresh and clean and is so delicate, it can also be used on the face - though I've confined it to body use so far. I'm really impressed: this is definitely a superior scrub and requires just a little to leave skin soft and smooth. Keep reading for a chance to try this one out for yourself because I have TEN to give away! 

Ancient Foot Scrub (500g, £25)

My poor battered feet demand lots of attention which they don't always receive, but this product makes it easy. I use it in the bath  - the oils help to soften the skin while the salts exfoliate - and I follow up with a foot cream when I'm done. You get a giant tub and like everything else I've been trying from the brand, it smells pretty fabulous too: lavender, jasmine and rose oils are all in the mix. 

St Grape Natural Bath and Body Products

Invisible Skin Massage Oil (120ml, £25)

100% organic and scented like mint and citrus, this blend of 9 essential oils is the perfect apres-bath body moisturiser. Unlike other body oils, you only need a few drops - it's incredibly rich and needs time to absorb, so I  use it before bedtime and let it work its silky, smoothing magic overnight. It's brilliant for this time of year, when everything starts to feel a little bit drier, and can be used in the shower before shaving or as an indulgent bath oil, too. 

WIN! 10 Aqua Bliss Bath Scrubs To Give Away! 

If you feeling like trying St Grape out for yourself, this could be your lucky day. The Aqua Bliss Bath scrub will soon be winging its way to TEN readers of Fluff and Fripperies. This giveaway is open internationally until 11th December and to enter, just pop your details into the widget below. Good luck!

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Are you familiar with the brand? Is there anything I should definitely try next? 

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