12 November 2013

Clinique Superprimer Collection Review; Before and After Photos

Clinique Superprimer CollectionPromising a quick fix for every complexion complaint, Clinique's six-strong primer edit launched last month to much fanfare. These oil free, silicone based offerings promise a smooth, perfected canvas for foundation, allowing it to apply more evenly and to last longer on the skin.

Clinique Universal Primer before and after
Universal Primer before (left) and after

The Superprimer collection comprises one colourless, universal formula and five tinted versions, which show up translucent on the skin, but address a variety of issues. I was given a few to try out and found they all did a decent job as a traditional primer first and foremost: they're nice and lightweight, smooth out pores and fine lines and do prolong the weartime of my foundation or BB cream.

Clinique Superprimer Collection Swatches

 The universal formula feels a little less silicone-y than the others and is more fluid - it also feels a tad more hydrating but of course, doesn't address any colour concerns. Of the others, two correct dullness (the pink or tan tubes, depending on your skintone), while the peach tube counteracts discolouration or pigmentation. I actually tried this one too, with high hopes, but found it had little effect.

Clinique Colour Correct Redness Yellow tube before and after
Clinique Superprimer Colour Correct Redness before (left) and after

Instead, for discolouration concerns I'd point you to the yellow tube, which fights redness and does a great job at evening out my skintone and keeping the colour down around my nose. I really like this and feel it also brightens my complexion and gives a perfected, soft focus type effect; my oily tzone also likes its mattifying ways.

Clinique Colour Correct Sallowness Lavender before and after
Clinique Lavender Superprimer Colour Corrects Sallowness before (left) and after 

My skin is also quite sallow so the lavender version intrigued me - it's intended to neutralise sallow skin so that it looks brighter and more healthy. As you can see from the swatches it does take the yellow tinge away from my face and makes my skintone appear lighter, and it has the same perfecting effect and powdery, velvet texture as the yellow version.

The Clinique Superprimer collection is on counter now priced at €27 - though you can currently find it on debenhams.ie for €24.30.

Which one would you go for?
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