20 November 2013

Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials, from Bobbi Brown, Smashbox. YSL, Clinique and more!

I really love autumn and winter makeup, when things get that little bit darker and more intense.  From smudgey, smokey eyes to deeper lips and muted neutrals on the nails, there are no shortage of wonderful, wearable trends. 

And there are so many lovely beauty bits and bobs this year that I've made another little video, to share my favourites of the season. Ok, so, I don't have lipstick on my teeth, have dropped nothing on the floor and have even managed to sort that mirror image thing on my camera - I call that progress! 

The multiple ummmms and chins you're stuck with, I'm afraid - at least for now.  But if you have any recommendations, suggestions or (gentle) constructive criticism for me, by all means fire ahead - and if you've tried anything I've mentioned here, do let me know how you got on. 

What are you loving this autumn/winter? 

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