11 October 2013

Six Favourite Candles, From Kenneth Turner, Lucy Annabella, La Bougie, Max Benjamin and MRL

L-R Brooke & Shoals, MRL, Diptyque
I'm picky about my candles. The wrong ones give me a headache - the ones with synthetic fragrances, or poor quality paraffin wax (which can release nasty chemicals).

But the rights ones, oh! The right ones are blissful, turning an ordinary room into a warm and welcoming cocoon of peace and calm. The flickering flames, the gently released fragrance, the soft and flattering light...could anything be more romantic or delightful? 

Scented candles from La Bougie, Lucy Annabella, Max Benjamin
L-R La Bougie, Lucy Annabella, Max Benjamin
Fortunately for my bank balance, the price of a really good scented candle has been coming down in recent years. While Diptyque have been a favourite since forever, their prices are scandalous so I'm happy to share some more reasonably priced alternatives.

ONE: Brooke & Shoals, a new Irish brand, uses soy wax and a mix of fragrance and essential oils to create the most lovely and uplifting scents, like Grapefruit & Geranium, Neroli & Lavender and the one I'm burning here, Grapefruit & Lemongrass. They're €18.95 for 40 hours burn time (the one I have is a travel candle, €19.95 for two - I love bringing a candle on trips away).

TWO: La Bougie is pretty special - each fragrance is created from scratch at the West Cork chandlery, where the candles are hand poured into stylish glass jars that are crafted on site. The latest fragrance, Sage & Bitter Orange, is inspired by classic colognes and designed for a unisex appeal. Prices are from €19.95 for 40 hours burn time.

Globe candlesticks from Out There Interiors

THREE: Kenneth Turner is a Northern Irish brand that I stock up on at Kildare Village. Right now I'm burning his Blue Tangerine tealights in these beautiful glass and brass candlesticks, that were sent to me by Out There Interiors. Aren't they something? They are surprisingly lightweight, and I love how they look on my shelves.

FOUR: I favour fresh, citrussy or spicy blends so I have a lot of time for Max Benjamin's Grapefruit & Pomelo and Lemongrass & Ginger. These are around the €20 mark for a natural wax, paraffin free candle that should give you 40 hours burn time. 

I also love this little guy as a candle holder; right now he's just holding a citronella candle for the balcony

FIVE: Lucy Annabella Organics  (as it happens, another Irish brand!) have a lovely range of paraffin free candles, made with soya wax and 100% organic essential oils. Their Spearmint and Lemongrass candle is a unique and uplifting blend that scents my entire apartment. Prices range from €36-€42. 

SIX: MRL Candles are interesting: with base ingredients including cocoa and shea butter and cosmetic grade soy wax, these are designed for use as body treatments, too. Use them pre-burn as a lip or body balm, burn as a candle and use  post-burn, as a body/massage oil. This one, Faith, has been released in aid of the Pink Ribbon Foundation, with £1/€1 of every sale going straight to the charity.  With grapefruit, bergamot, neroli and orange blosson, the scent is totally divine. Find it on beautyemporium.ie for €36.95 (135g / 25 hours burn time).

Do you have any suggestions for my list?
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