18 October 2013

New #ManleyforO2 Angel Outfits Launched at Jessie J

Jessie J’s gig this week saw the debut of the new costumes for the O2 Angels, created by the ridiculously gorgeous and talented Irish designer Emma Manley. 
O2 Angel Emily Mitchell

The Angels are the promotional team who host the Priority Music ticket-holders at The O2 – they’re on their feet throughout the evening, assisting gig-goers and enhancing the whole experience.

Emma Manley with some of the O2 Angels team

I quizzed the female angels thoroughly on their new outfits, and it’s safe to say it’s love – the textured silk crepe fabric not only hangs beautifully but is light, comfortable and versatile, and the leather collars are absolute showstoppers.

Emma, who worked for Alexander McQueen before establishing the Manley label, designed and created two versions of the collar: the first, heavily ornate, is embellished with hand cut leather circles while the second, more delicate, features more than 300 different studs.

It was the nicest evening: I loved the designs, I loved the designer and I loved the Priority Music experience (which lets O2 customers buy tickets up to 48 hours before general release, access the Priority Lounge and head straight to the front of the stage at standing gigs).

As for Jessie J, I wasn’t a huge fan when I walked in – but that had all changed by the time I walked out. Despite her penchant for dancing around in her pants, and spouting motivational life affirmations at every turn, there’s no doubt she is one talented vocalist and performer.  Plus there was an energy and well-meaning positivity about her that only the most hardened of cynics could ignore. The crowd freakin’ loved her – and I kinda loved her a little bit, too.

Fluff and Fripperies was a guest of O2.
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