15 October 2013

David Beckham Classic Fragrance Reviewed by Celebrity Apprentice Star, Darren: He Shoots, He Scores!

Any Celebrity Apprentice viewers might recognise this face from last night's episode (and er, yes, I might have been in it for just a second too). And if anyone is wondering if Darren and Amanda's relationship was made to last, let's just say they were spotted together on Talbot Street one lunchtime last week, and leave it at that...!

Not being a huge aftershave wearer I was a bit nervous when Emma asked me to review David Beckham's latest fragrance, Classic. But being a Beckham fan, I took the offer because surely smelling like him will help me play like him, right? Allow me this one delusion.

Being an aftershave novice, I was worried the fragrance would be overpowering and raise an eyebrow or two but when I first put it on I was delighted to find that it was a light scent. It has a refreshing, summery smell with some hints of citrus so I’m comfortable wearing this to the office. 

You wouldn’t exactly make it to drinks after work on just your morning spritz but with a quick top-up before you leave you can head out without smelling like you’ve drowned yourself in aftershave to mask the muskiness of the day.

I was quite surprised that the 60ml bottle is priced at €30. I would wear this on a daily basis so for that kind of usage, where would you be going wrong with €30? Not a bad price if you were looking for a gift either. In fact, this would be an excellent gift, with its all-rounder scent I think any man would be happy to get this as a present.

Excuse my blatant fandom here but personally I think David Beckham is on point when it comes to a style the average guy can follow and this aftershave is just further testament to that. The man just gets it right. Don’t you agree?

And what can I say, it certainly attracts the ladies...

Darren with Amanda from Celebrity Apprentice (watch the episode here)

Review by Darren (why not give him a follow on Twitter?). Check out what Deryck made of the other Beckham signature fragrances.
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