27 September 2013

New Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Hair Oil

It might sound dramatic but it's no less true for that: hair oil actually changed my life. Or at least, it changed my dry and frizz prone hair. Now I just wash, condition (alternating with a mask), apply an oil and let my hair dry naturally in its own wavy, dishevelled kinda way (although here, I hasten to point out, it has been treated by the professionals!). 

Trying new hair oils is one of my favourite things to do. I've liked pretty much all of them at first - because they are often loaded with silicone, which has an immediate, cosmetic effect on my unruly hair. But the best oils will also add moisture and strengthen the hair longterm. They don't all do that, and price is no indicator of quality - for example, I used to like Moroccanoil but found it lacking longterm. 

Most recently I've been using Redken's Diamond Oil, which promises to strengthen hair and increase shine, by infusing the hair. At the launch, it was compared with Moroccanoil which, in a demonstration, sat on top of a glass of sand - while the Diamond Oil sank right in. Its shine inducing ways were also demonstrated and I was quite amazed with the softening effect it had on my frazzled, post holiday hair. 

It's an expensive product at €33.95 but everything about it feels high end: from the faceted glass bottle to the pipette dropper and the ingredients list which features coriander oil to smoothe, camelina oil to soften and apricot oil to condition. Silicone doesn't feature but, at least so far, I haven't missed it and my hair remains frizz-free without. 

This is available in two varieties - amber for fine hair and black for thick/coarse - and Emily and I will have a joint review for you soon. If you can't wait, you'll find Diamond Oil in Redken salons, now. 

Are you a hair oil convert and if so, which ones do you favour? 

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