20 September 2013

Matrix Total Results Curl Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hair products are really so subjective: what works on my thick, dry, coloured, wavy hair might not suit your long, fine, silky locks. So look out for a few reviews from differing perspectives, starting with the absolutely fabulous Karen, today, who is blessed with a head of beautiful, natural curls. 

Products for Curly Hair


I have to be honest from the start: I don’t really have much faith in the claims made by shampoo companies about what miracles they can perform on my curly, frizz prone locks. So it’s fair to say I was sceptical when I read the labels on the Matrix Total Results Curl shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo and conditioner claimed they were going to leave my hair ‘defrizzed, touchable, in control and quenched’ - now these are big claims for curly hair. So I started to use the shampoo and conditioner and they definitely feel like a high end product. The shampoo is thick and lathers up with only a tiny drop – so you don’t need to use much.  Both the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing – they have that in salon smell that you rarely get from a product at home.

Matrix Total Results Curl Shampoo and Conditioner

For the first week or so I thought they were fine and wasn’t blown away by how my hair looked after using them. However, I stuck with them and I have to say after the second week of use, I noticed that my hair was much smoother.

I’m not sure about it being more touchable (although most curly haired girls out there will know that touching your hair is a bit of a no no unless you want to look like a frizz bomb). My hair was also much more moisturised and felt healthier with meant I need to use (slightly) less styling product.
Overall I was very impressed with Matrix Total Results Curl shampoo and conditioner and I will without a doubt be purchasing it in the future.

The shampoo and conditioner are €6.95; a contouring lotion is also available at €11.95.  Any curly haired ladies reading with recommendations of their own, or who fancy giving these a go?
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