30 September 2013

Lush Christmas Collection Hits Shelves This Week! SQUEEE!

Let's just ignore the C word, shall we, and focus instead on the fact that this week, Lush are launching their biggest, bestest and most exciting, er, seasonal collection yet.

And yes, these gorgeous and glitzy new bath and body offerings are ab-fab for gifting but they are also the very thing for indulging in a little me-time: fellow fans will know the indulgent joy of picking out a new Lush lovely to lather up with for some good clean bathtime fun. 

Newbies this year include the delicious bombardino, €3.25, which smells like, wait for it... LEMON CHEESECAKE! Can you order these by the barrel? Star Light Star Bright bath melt, €4.50 (top photo), also sounds right up my alley, packed as it is with ginger and lime oil, and some of my old favourites are back again, including the Magic Wand reusable bubble bars, €6.50, Father Christmas bath ballistics, €4.25 and Golden Wonder bath bombs, €4.50. 

Many of Lush's most popular products are seasonal edits so snap up your favourites while you can. Snow Fairy fans in particular will be in candy floss heaven with a range of new products including a sparkle bar, €6.50, and candy mountain bubble bars, €3.45.  

Candy Mountain bubble bars, Rose Jam Shower Gel, Bombardino, Gift sets

As a fan of the brilliant Rose Jam bubbleroon I was happy to see this gentle, elegant fragrance return in shower gel form along with the return of Ponche; these are all priced from €4.50 for 100g.

The gifts sets this year are more brilliantly packaged than ever before, inspired by Ziggy Stardust, vintage fireworks and the work of UK textiles designer, William Morris. They range from €10.50 up to €169.95 for the appropriately named WOW, jammed with pretty much all of this year's seasonal specials.

Are you a Lush lover, and will you be popping in to see what's what?
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