28 August 2013

Three Week Manicure Revisited: SugarDolls at A|wear, Grafton Street

SugarDolls Nail Bar, Awear

I am on the fence about 3-week manicures. I’ve sworn off them in the past, but the temptation (and novelty) of having shiny, glossy and groomed fingertips that last is sometimes more than I can bear.

So I pushed my reservations aside when A|wear invited me along to their new nail bar, SugarDolls. Located in the basement of A|wear on Grafton Street, it offers Gelish and Shellac along with acrylics, nail art (at a euro a nail), standard file & paints as well as various brow and lash treatments – and all at very reasonable prices.

Shellac Manicure at SugarDolls, Awear

As goldish greens are taking centre stage this autumn I went for a lovely foresty variation, shot through with sparkle.  The colour is definitely a hit – I’ve never had as many compliments – and my nails look neat and tidy too, having been buffed, shaped and trimmed around the cuticles before the colour was applied.

Shellac Manicure at SugarDolls, Awear

An unexpected bonus – the result of a new bottle of Shellac – is the slightly graduated colour result; my nails look darker at the tips than at the beds, and I’m digging the subtle, ombre effect.

Three Week Manicure at SugarDolls, Awear

It’s been on a week and looks as fresh as when it was applied. I catch myself admiring my hands, and feel generally more put together, which is really rather nice.

A Shellac manicure costs €30 at SugarDolls; Fluff and Fripperies was a guest of A|wear.
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