02 August 2013

Sugar Cubed: Fashion Led, Trend Driven Hair

Slick and contemporary, Sugar Cubed is the latest addition to the Dublin salon scene. And after jammily winning a Twitter competition (follow them here), I headed in to get my balayage refreshed – and to see what all the fuss is about.

Sugar Cubed Hair Salon Dublin

A sister salon to Brown Sugar, one of Dublin’s most high-end hairdressers, Sugar Cubed is aimed at a trend-driven, fashion-conscious clientele – and it shows. 

The vibe is edgy and urban, with the décor modelled after a New York loft: from the open floor layout to the exposed brickwork and neon-lit basins, this place is seriously cool.

Sugar Cubed Hair Salon Dublin

But that doesn’t mean it’s staffed by posturing hipsters – everyone is friendly and warm, and totally on top of their game.

Manager Mark Byrne did my colour himself, lifting the copper from the ends of my hair and adding some caramel tones.

Sugar Cubed Hair Salon Dublin

Nikki dried it in record time (I was running late for an event) and I headed off happily, swishing my hair like those girls on the ads.

I’m liking the cut of their jib. If you’re liking it too, you can check out their Facebook page for more.
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