27 August 2013

Kurt Geiger Soda Boots: You Had Me At Hello

Kurt Geiger Soda Boots Black

Ridiculously versatile and easy to wear, a pair of mid height, stack heeled ankle boots are my go-to footwear once the sandals are packed away for another year. 

I've worn my beloved Buffalo Bullets to death and the sad time has come when they must be retired, for fear of being mistaken for a bag lady (though in truth, I fear that's already happened on more than one occasion). But all is not lost – I’ve decided that Kurt Geiger's Soda boots will be my next big footwear buy. 

Kurt Geiger Soda Boots Black

Flattering because they hit the ankle at the skinniest part, not to mention stylish and comfortable, (wonder of wonders), I see these as being an investment buy I will wear and wear and wear. I’ll be getting them in black so they’ll go with literally everything I own, including my nightie, and if you meet me between September and March,  chances are, these will be encasing my curiously wide size-6s. 

At around the €250 mark these are, ooh, about double what I’d like to pay but I have a voucher and let’s face it: it’s already love. 

What's your latest footwear fancy?

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