10 July 2013

Elvis Jesus Fragrances for Him and for Her: Review and Photos

For those who like their fragrances with a rock n roll vibe, these new scents from fashion label Elvis Jesus should really strike a chord. 

Elvis Jesus fragrances

Before now I was really only familiar with the brand's tshirts, which I'd come across on ASOS, but when I found out it was named for a Kinky Friedman book (Elvis, Jesus and Coca Cola), I was hooked.

Elvis Jesus fragrances

Packaged within a leather look book, the fragrances look sleek and stylish and are adorned with the brand's distinctive logo - a combination of a cross and a guitar. 

Elvis Jesus fragrances

For Her comes in a rounded bottle within a black and rose gold book. The juice is decribed as a woody floral but to me it smells musky, warm and sweet - I can definitely pick up on the amber and cedar notes as well as an intriguing hint of peppermint. 
Elvis Jesus fragrances
The fragrances at home on my bookshelf!

Hints of citrus and spice are both there too as well as a floral bouquet including rose and jasmine. It's complex and very more-ish. As I'm writing I keep breaking for another little sniff. 

Elvis Jesus fragrances
For Him (left) and For Her (right)
I also really like the men's version, an earthy citrus that marries patchouli with grapefruit, orange and spicy pepper. It's a very masculine, distinctive scent. 

Both fragrances are £49.99 for 100 ml and can be bought online or from Elvis Jesus or The Fragrance Store shops. Have you tried them, or do you like what you hear?
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