21 June 2013

Real Techniques: Beauty Brush Review and Discount Code!

Oh sure I know, I know, the internet is nearly collapsing with all the blog posts and reviews on Samantha Chapman’s beauty brush brand, Real Techniques. It was a genius move – as one half of YouTube sensations Pixiwoo, Sam has a devoted following of beauty lovers across the globe – myself included!

Real Techniques On Location Travel Essentials Brush Set Review
I resisted and resisted these brushes because I have a small bristly army of beauty tools at this stage - but after seeing them in action in YouTube video after YouTube video I, perhaps inevitably, caved.  

Real Techniques On Location Travel Essentials Brush Set Review

There are a variety of different sets and brushes on offer so, after a bit of humming and hawing, I went for the Travel Essentials set, which comes with three brushes in a handy case: the domed shadow brush, essential foundation brush and multi task brush.
Real Techniques On Location Travel Essentials Brush Set Review
Now, for the good news: I picked them up on iHerb for the bargainous price of $17.99 or €13.43, which is probably the cheapest I’ve seen them. If you fancy a little somethin’ somethin’, I got a gift code to share which is worth up to $10.00 off any order by a first-time customer; just pop in HGL333 at checkout.
Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush
Synthetic, cruelty free and pleasingly presented, these really are fab little brushes that are easy to use and to carry about on a day to day basis. They arrived quickly and I’ve been using them pretty much constantly ever since…just not for the purposes for which they were originally intended!
Real Techniques On Location Travel Essentials Brush Set Review

The lovely Pixiwoo sisters, not to mention Tanya Burr and Ireland’s own gorgeous Orla from Makeup Over Mind, have all used the domed shadow brush in their videos,  to apply concealer. Having tried it, I can’t imagine concealing in any other way – it’s bloody brilliant. It blends the product perfectly under the eyes for a much more perfected finish than any other method that I’ve tried.
Real Techniques Multi Task Brush

The multitask brush is also getting daily use, to buff in my Bourjois bronzing base. This is my favourite contouring method right now and this big fluffy brush gives a much more natural effect  than the MAC 188 I was using before. Plus, there's been zero shedding, whereas the MAC brush sheds like a bugger!
Because I use a buffing/stippling brush to apply foundation – or go with fingers, for a BB cream – the essential foundation brush is also being put to use in a different way. I’m using it to pat some MAC Blot Powder over the centre of my forehead and chin, or to apply highlight to the tops of my cheekbones.

Have you tried these brushes and which ones would you recommend I go for next? Oh – and if you do use that discount code, let me know what you picked up! You know I’m nosy like that…
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