01 June 2013

My Favourite Boots and Some Clothing Essentials!

My favourite pair of boots are not exactly what you'd call elegant. Clunky would be more like it - they're heavy and grey, and they don't really go with anything in my wardrobe.

Salomon boots - I bought mine in Tiso in Glasgow 
But I have felt like a new woman since investing in a really decent pair of hillwalking boots- it is absolutely amazing what a difference it makes. Previous pairs were borrowed from friends or picked up in sales and have never really felt comfortable - these are like walking on air.  

Now I've determined to invest in the rest - flattering it ain't, but proper hiking gear should make my outdoor rambles a helluva lot more comfortable. Here are a few essentials that really make a difference.

Any hikers or hillwalkers reading? I'd love to know what really works for you!

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