27 June 2013

Link Loving: the dot conf, Frillseeker, Bloglovin’

Ireland’s online community will be going dotty tomorrow, at the dot conf digital conference at National College of Ireland.  This is my very favourite event of the year, because it hits that sweet spot between what I love, what I’m good at and what I’m paid to do.

the dot conf at National College of Ireland

Aimed at digital enthusiasts across the land, the event features talks on bloggers and brands, creativity, digital trends, fashion and social media and much, much more. Check out the running order here, or see what blogging tips could be picked up last year.

It’s also sold out for the 4th year running, though you can join the fun online via the live stream on the website, or by following the twitter hashtag, #goingdotty.
Or you could always leave a comment below, because I have 3 sets of tickets to give away. See, sometimes it pays to know the organisers ;) Make sure you leave an email or twitter name so I can get in touch. 
Kirstie (top left) and a couple of my featured frills!

One must-see talk from the day is from Kirstie McDermott and Paula Hurley, from PR firm Market Match. They’re giving a dual perspective on bloggers and brands and anyone on either side of the fence will definitely pick up a few tips.

I’ve been delighted to see Kirstie back in the online space with her new site Frillseeker, which has just launched. I have big love for beaut.ie, co-founded by Kirstie and her sister Aisling, who is now running the site solo (with a panel of fab contributors I’m proud to be a part of).
Kirstie’s new venture focuses on amazeballs interiors, accessories and all those little frills that make life that bit more fun.  It’s always a thrill to be featured in the Personal Frills gallery and you could lose yourself for hours in her pin boards.  Make sure you swing by.

Follow Fluff and Fripperies on Bloglovin'

Last but not least I want to give a shout out to Bloglovin’, which I’ve been using a lot since news broke of Google Readers demise.  If you’re currently using Google Reader to keep track of your favourite sites, you only have a few more days to make the switch.
Bloglovin’ makes it easy - just click the button in my sidebar to follow Fluff and Fripperies there. It’s also really simple to import your Google Reader blog list (do it HERE). I’ve just done it with mine, and it took less than two minutes to complete.
Hope to see you there!
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