18 June 2013

Lighter Living: Little Lifestyle Changes for the Summer Months

Like lots of people, my lifestyle changes drastically with the weather. In winter, I like to hibernate at home in cosy jumpers, eating lots of crisps. In summer, I feel happier and have more energy, which leads to lots of little lifestyle changes that soon add up. 

We've talked about eating lighter in the summer, and a few recent discoveries that landed on my desk have really helped. The Eat Water range is made from konjac, a natural fibre that's very low in fat and calories and has a high water content (and can also be used to clean your face - remember the konjac sponge?!)

From top left: Eat Water Slim Pasta; Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn; new Speedo Sculpture swimsuit; Yoko fitflops in Electric Indigo

The range includes pasta, rice and noodle substitutes which are easy to incorporate into your regular diet, and have less than 10 calories per serving. Pretty impressive, huh? They don't taste of much, but take their flavour from whatever you're cooking with them. 

I have a real savoury tooth on me so I've also been loving the Metcalfe Skinny topcorn range - it includes Sweet ‘n Salt, Wasabi, Sea Salt, Chocolate Crackle and Heat 'n Sweet (sweet chilli, my favourite along with the wasabi!). From 112 calories a bag, they make a lighter alternative to crisps or nuts and are every bit as tasty - you'll find 'em in health stores and supermarkets. 

Being outside in the wind and rain is, frankly, rubbish, but strolling in the sunshine is a pleasure - especially when you live close to scenery like this. I find that fitflops offer more support for walking than other summer sandals, and they also help to tone your muscles as you walk. A quick swim at lunchtime is another recent change - it's as good for the mind as it is for the body, and helps me destress, unwind and put things in perspective. 

What about you, do your habits change according to the seasons?

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