08 June 2013

Fashion and Beauty Disasters - What's The Worst That's Happened To YOU?!

You know those really chic, elegant women? The ones who look like they don’t even have to try? All graceful limbs, coiffed hair and perfectly applied, minimal makeup? Yeah, I’m so not one of those women.

I like to think my style is, er, artfully dishevelled (I'm rabbiting on about my personal style here), but more often than not it’s just plain old messy. You’re more likely to find me tripping over my own handbag, wiping toothpaste off my face at the bus stop or with bright red lipstick on my teeth.

Fashion and Beauty Disasters

It’s been pointed out to me at work that my jacket – and on one memorable occasion, my dress –is back to front, and I’ve looked down in a meeting to spot one black and one red shoe. Yes, on my own feet.
So it was reassuring to say the least, to read the findings of a recent survey in Northern Ireland by Ladbrokes.  It showed that I’m far from being alone where grooming disasters are concerned.  One heartening statistic was that 55% of women have dropped their own drink over their outfit at least once. Yep, been there…
Around 29% of women said they had laddered their tights before, which actually struck me as bizarrely low – 70% of us haven’t?! Who are these women and where are they buying their hosiery?
26% of women in the survey had toilet paper stuck to their shoe, 12% had tucked their dress into their underwear, while 14% said that their shoes or heels had broken during a night out. Um, check, check, and check.  Just over 2% of women said that they had ripped their outfit, which again seems smaller than I expected.  This happened to me just last weekend. Maybe I need to start buying more expensive clothes?
Come on, spill – what’s your most embarrassing grooming disaster?!
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