12 June 2013

Easy Summer Eats: Andrew Rudd for Brennans Irish Bread

Oh no, himself said to me as he watched me pondering what to have for dinner. It's sunny and that means the annual search for salad has arrived! As soon as the weather warms up I start to crave lighter, healthier food and drive him bananas searching around the city for the perfect summer salad spot. 

Brennans Wholewheat Irish Bread

I'm obviously not alone in my search for lighter meals and the bakers at Brennans Irish bread have tried to make it easier on us this year, by working with the hottest chef around (did I say that out loud?), Andrew Rudd. Let's just have a little look at him here...

Andrew Rudd for Brennans Wholewheat Irish Bread

Andrew has come up with some simple, tasty recipes for summer days,using Brennans Wholewheat soda bread which is, coincidentally, my favourite. 
Brennans Wholewheat Irish Bread
Emily and I are actually trying not to cry - we had to leave before the brown bread ice-cream. Sniffle.

Irish soda bread is, take it from me, delish and this one is tastier than most (no, sadly, they're not paying me a penny to write this post!). I've been eating very little else throughout the past week (ice cream and pink fruity wine totally don't count).

Check out the recipes on www.brennansbread.ie  and tell me, do your eating habits change during the summer?


♥ vendy ♥ said...

YUM!!!! all the foods seems so good

Kim Alston said...

It looks so delicious!!! Omg'd!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Yum Yum Yum!!! I love Irish bread...gorgeous!! Making me hungry now, haha!! I'd happily eat all of it. Have a gorgeous day doll xx

little t said...

Can't wait to be eating proper Irish bread again... I have missed you Brennans!

Anya Jensen said...

YUM - I love irish soda bread - reminds me of danish rye bread, -when toasted a little slice of heaven. Delish. Now of to get me some lunch:) Happy day Emma,

Anonymous said...

Ooooomnomnom. Hungry now!

Chantel said...

Nice, the food looks amazing.

Style-Delights said...

OMG, this chef..err food is so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog

Sam said...

Ive never tried this the of bread before, sounds so great!

Corinne said...

I also crave salads and lighter food in the summer, I've never tried soda bread, in my head it would fizz in my mouth like fizzy pop, but when I heard that this isn't true, I decided against trying it because of the disappointment factor. Ha.

Corinne x

Emma said...

I could go for some of the brown bread right about now! I definitely tend to eat more cold meals like salads during the summer, mostly because they are quicker and easier than making a hot meal. I actually had white bread for the first time in years the other day and realised I wasn't missing much, I love whole grain and brown bread, especially the Avoca one. To die for with soup!!

Emma x

Johanna said...

Food events are always fun! You look cute in your stripes!